A condensed account of the sand castle of my faith being washed out to sea.

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Hi, I’m Nathan, and I’m a recovering evangelical. It’s been 12 years since my last quiet time.

My childhood was spent in the church. Son of a Baptist minister. At church every Sunday morning, Sunday night, and Wednesday evening. Saved at six, baptized at seven, rededicated by the last night of summer camp in 8th grade. …

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Over the weekend, I opened up the parent account for my 7th-grade daughter’s online grade book. The new trimester began three weeks ago, and this was my first real check-in. I waded into the virtual classrooms and soon found myself drowning in missing assignments. My wife was doing the same for our son with similar results. We were hoping they'd be on autopilot with a middle schooler and a high schooler by this time. In our hearts, we knew the truth. History has taught us differently.

My kids are equal parts sweet, snarky, smart, sarcastic, irreverent, creative, strong-willed, funny, and…

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I have three excuses for why I got fat. Again. Number one, obviously, is the pandemic. No gyms. No group workouts. I’ve learned I’m not a self-starter when it comes to DIY fitness. Excuse number two is that we just moved across the country. I left a group of soccer mates back on the east coast. I’d been playing twice a week year-round since 2015 with that group. It offset my beer obsession and my perpetual cheat-day eating habits. The third reason is that my wife lost her father this year. It’s my duty to not let her grief eat…

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Music has been cheap therapy for me this year. A metaphorical blanket that I wrap myself in when I’m overwhelmed, stressed, lonely, afraid, or any other byproduct of the perpetual gut punch that is 2020. Since life was upended earlier this year, I’ve been turning to music more than ever. (I’ve also been turning to booze more than ever, but that’s for another time.)

There are some songs that have become regulars in my Spotify therapy sessions. Tracks that resonate and deliver a powerful music buzz, dulling the sharp edges of my dour disposition. As the end of 2020 gets…

Nathan Garvin

Full-time husband and dad, part-time beer drinker, guitar player, soccer fan, indie folk appreciater, and year-round iced coffee enthusiast

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